Development of a North West Big Data Transplant and Renal Cloud. Proof of Principle

Principal Investigator – Titus Augustine

The management of large amounts of data, with modem computing technology, has developed significantly and data combined with technology is being increasingly being used to help streamline health delivery systems, improve decision making and fundamentally improve patient outcomes. The transplant listing process is cumbersome due to delays in the transmission of critical bits of information between the referral centres and the transplanting centre and the return flow of data.  Decision making is also hampered due to the lack of complete data being available in one place.  This proposal seeks to unify all data and at the same time harness modem techniques to prompt the pathway automatically to deliver improved outcomes across the entire pathway of transplantation and renal failure in the North West. It will also serve as a unified repository for data for research for all members of the multidisciplinary team involved in the care of these patients in the North West.