Our Research Team has won a number of awards for our research and work over the years, which shows just how far your help and support goes when it comes to helping us to change lives.

Here are just a few:

North West NHS Innovation Awards 2009

North West NHS Innovation Awards 2009Professor Paul Brenchley, Dr Sandip Mitra and Professor Rein Ulijn won the award in the category of Medical Devices, Equipment, Diagnostics or Therapeutics for the ‘Renephra’ project. ‘Renephra’ is the innovative concept of transdermal fluid and toxin removal—a novel treatment to address the medical need for better treatments for patients with kidney failure.

The technology has two component parts: a wearable transdermal hollow micro-needle array to access the fluid/toxin reservoir below the skin (in the interstitial space); and a designer hydrogel cassette that specifically captures fluid and toxins present in the interstitial fluid. The technologies are combined into a device that is wearable and allows for slow, continuous fluid and toxin removal without the need to be physically attached to a dialysis machine.

NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes Winner 2011

NHS Innovation Challenge Winner 2011The innovative home haemodialysis programme offered to renal patients has attracted an NHS Innovation Challenge winning prize for Dr Sandip Mitra and his multi-disciplinary team at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Launched five years ago, the programme empowers patients to self dialyse at home, with significant benefits both in clinical outcomes, efficiency and cost savings. Patients are able to live a more normal lifestyle, with a more liberal fluid and diet intake, and free from having to come into hospital several times a week to dialyse. 180 patients (up to 15% of renal patients) have so far been trained up to dialyse at home. The programme which also won the NICE excellence award for 2011 is being adopted in several centres across the UK.

The award was acknowledged by Health Minister Simon Burns who said he was impressed by the work of the MRI renal team. The programme has also attracted the attention of both national and local media, including coverage in The Guardian, Independent, Nursing Standard, BBC North West Tonight and Granada Reports interviewing staff and patients. Dr Mitra said: “I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of the team and dedicate it to all our patients who have made that extra commitment to transform lives on dialysis.”

See more about their award on the NHS Innovation Challenge website.

Northwest Biomedical Awards: Bionow

Northwest Biomedical Awards: BionowProfessor Paul Brenchley, Dr Sandip Mitra and Professor Rein Ulijn won the award on Emerging Technology Project of the Year, organised by Bionow (the NorthWest Regional Development Agency’s (NWDA) Biomedical Cluster Support Group) for the ‘Renephra’ Project.

The project, as explained above, is an innovative form of treatment to address the medical need for better treatments for patients with kidney failure.