A feasibility study into developing a care delivery model for limited rate ultrafiltration in in-centre thrice weekly haemodialysis

Principal Investigator – Dr Kunaal Kharbanda

Haemodialysis (HD) technology has advanced considerably but despite this mortality for HD patients remains unacceptably poor. During HD treatment, fluid is removed from the patient and it has recently come to light that high rates of fluid removal are associated with higher patient mortality. At present, the rate of fluid removal in most HD units is not fixed. There has been no study to investigate such a change in practice and before a full study can be designed, the organisational, behavioural and economic implications need to be determined. With the assistance of a KFL grant we wish to analyse our current practice with regard to ultrafiltration rate and dialysis dose, gauge opinion from patients and staff about changing practice and assess the economic feasibility of this new care delivery model. With the information gained we hope to develop a further application for a grant through RfBP (Research for Patient Benefit) for a full study to answer whether fixing ultrafiltration rate will improve patient outcomes.