The Prevalence and Clinical Relevance of Non Human Leucocytes Antigen (Non-HLA) Antibodies in Renal Transplantation

Principal Investigator – Shiv Bhutani

The outcome in Kidney transplantation can be affected by the presence of antibodies against the HLA antigens carried on the transplanted kidney. These antibodies can cause the transplant to be rejected by the receiver. However in some patients rejection occurs in the absence of these antibodies and it is possible that they carry other antibodies (non-HLA) which may be directed against cells in the blood vessels or heart.
The aim of this project is to investigate how these (nonHLA) antibodies may cause rejection or cause damage to the blood vessels and maybe contribute to heart problems in patients awaiting transplants and also following transplantation. In this pilot study we will identify the prevalence and clinical relevance of non HLA antibodies which may affect the long term health of kidney transplant patients. This will form the basis for a larger grant application for Dr Bhutani the principal applicant to embark on an MD research project.