The Million Challenge

Join Ian and his team on Sat 4th April 2020 in their Million Challenge.

The challenge is to swim 100 metres 100 times, pushing off each 100 seconds:  100 X 100 X 100 = 1 Million. Ian and his team aim is to raise 1 million pennies (£10,000). You can take part at your local pool and let us know at Kidneys for Life that you are taking on The Million Challenge too!

So why is Ian doing this?

In April 2019 Ian had his left kidney removed at Manchester Royal Infirmary to go to someone who needed it to keep living for longer.

In 2016 he did this swim challenge with a couple of friends as a challenge to prepare for the season. He tried to do it again in early 2019 but found he couldn’t hack the mental and physical training needed. If he can do it this year then it shows that within 12 months of what was a fairly major operation he is as fit and able as he was before it.

Hopefully it will show that although kidney donation takes some recovering from you are the same able person again afterwards and he hopes others, who may be considering organ donation, will find it a positive message that helps their confidence. He’s going to find it hard (mainly the training) as it will be near the limit of my capabilities as a 65 year old. Having others joining in will make it easier mentally and physically on the day.

Raising money for the charity will be worthwhile and having others raising amounts as well will swell the final amount beyond where he can get to on my own. Please join in if you are capable, or consider donating if this isn’t your sort of challenge. The greater challenge is that facing those with kidney disease / damage and those looking for the cure, this will help them.

The swim itself is quite a challenge as there is a time constraint on it and a good pace has to be held for nearly 3 hours. he is hoping the team he is swimming with will be as good as the team that looked after me before, during and after my operation, because they were great.