13 Apr 2016

Peter Baines

Up until last November I was a healthy, young, fit man, running a business and living life to the full when I suddenly fell ill with a very rare condition known to only a few. ANKA positive vasculitis is a disease which effects the immune system, attacking vital organs within the body. My lungs and kidneys were affected by this terrible and frightening disease but it was my kidneys that were effected the most from both the vasculitis and the treatment that I had to endure. The result was renal failure and dialysis. It was such a frightening time for me and my family. We had so little knowledge of what this meant or what it would involve for both mine and my family’s futures.  I can’t thank the staff at the Manchester Royal Infirmary enough for helping me through the hardest time in my life that I have had to face. I’ve received so much support and help allowing me to carry on with life as normal as it can be. I always believe that in life we should give back for what we are blessed with and, in my case, it was the wonderful medical staff and the care I received from both the MRI and the dialysis unit that helped me.  So, along with 18 of my friends, we decided to do a sponsored 20 mile bike ride from Buxton to Stockport to raise money and awareness for Kidneys for Life and together we have raised over £ 4,200 for the charity.

We had a great day cycling from Buxton to Stockport with a few stops along the way. With many people cheering me on, I made it across the finishing line and then enjoyed a wonderful Fun Day at my garage.

My loving and supportive wife, Mandy, and my sister, Gillian, provided the buffet and numerous cups of tea and coffee. The corned beef hash was amazing! My sister, Lynn, made many different items to sell as well as making all the Kidneys for Life bunting.

To them, my children, friends, family and all those who turned up to ride with me that I didn’t even know I send a massive heartfelt Thank You for their generosity and help. The day was emotional and inspiring.

One year has passed since my kidneys failed and it’s been hard adjusting to dialysis 3 times a week but I am so lucky because my little brother, Steve, is giving me the fantastic gift of one of his kidneys  which will, hopefully, be going ahead later this year. I’m looking forward to being able to go swimming again with my youngest daughter, Pippa Rose. I will continue to raise awareness and put together sponsored events for this incredible cause that I hold so close to me in the hope it can help others in some way.

Yours truly – Peter Baines