Professor Rachel Lennon

Dr Rachel Lennon

Rachel Lennon is a Peadiatric Nephrologist working at the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. With fellowship funding from the Wellcome Trust, she is investigating causes of proteinuria, where kidneys leak excess protein into the urine. Rachel’s research is based jointly at the Manchester Institute of Nephrology and Transplantation (MINT) and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research at the University of Manchester. She is studying human kidney cells with the aim of understanding how they interact with their local environment.

Using powerful new proteomics technology, Rachel is analysing cell and matrix interactions and these studies will help to build up a picture of the important proteins needed to maintain health. By understanding how cells work at the basic level, it will be possible to consider new methods of treatment for patients with kidney disease.

Rachel is also a Trustee of Kidneys for Life.