Stacey McCall – Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon

Well done to Stacey McCall who took part in the Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon last weekend. Stacey took part as she says “Sophie my youngest daughter was born with kidney reflux. It went undiagnosed for around 5-6months with constant tests to find out what was wrong with her. One day the hospital did a routine urine sample test and the light was at the end of the tunnel for her. After lots more intensive tests she was diagnosed and was given treatment with frequent check ups. She has thankfully grown out of the reflux without causing long term damage, but it could have been a different story if she wasn’t diagnosed so quickly and treated, We could be sat here now waiting for a kidney transplant. Instead I want to raise awareness for those that didn’t get so lucky to give them a fighting chance like they gave Sophie. If you would like to support Stacey please follow the link below.