Snookerathon 2019

With the support of some great friends we are doing a 24 hour snooker-thon (yes, playing snooker for 24 hours straight!!!) on 23/24 August at the Ashley club in Thornton to raise much needed funds for the charity Kidneys for Life.

As many of you know, our son Reuben had to have a life saving kidney transplant at the age of 10. Reuben was one of the lucky ones as he was able to receive his mums kidney and 3 years on is doing absolutely great!

Unfortunately, kidney transplants don’t last forever. The average is 15 years but the harsh reality is it could fail at any time. Reuben, like many other children and adults, requires continual monitoring every 8 weeks at Manchester and has to take anti-rejection medication daily to keep him alive and try to prevent failure. In his lifetime he will certainly require another transplant if not more.

Kidneys for Life has been supporting research into kidney disease, transplantation and dialysis for nearly 40 years. The research team are working hard at the UK’s largest renal unit in Manchester to find a way to make a kidney, for life, a reality.

We have received the most fantastic care over the past 13 years and would really like to raise as much money for this charity as possible.