Fit Feb 2024

Welcome to Fit Feb 2024 – the Leap Year edition!

Fit Feb, as it has become known, has grown into a great event that has brought together people in a healthy, fun and rewarding way. Now entering its third year we are super excited to be planning the fun once again. Improving your fitness can have a huge effect on your overall health and the money raised during Fit Feb will have a great effect on the amount of vital research we can fund.

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Fit Feb’s goal is 50 miles in 29 days – an achievable and wonderfully rewarding goal. This has also been transformed by our regular Fit Febbers into their own goals, these include;

* 100 squats a day

* A short work out a day

* 50 miles cycling

* 50 miles scooting (great for kids!)

* 50 hours of tennis

* 50 hours of golf

* 50 miles skiing (perfect for February!)

Once you have signed up you will be invited to join our Fit February 2024 Facebook group which is a wonderfully supportive group which allows you to log your progress and cheered on by fellow Fit Febbers.

You will also be entered into our free prize draw just for signing up.