The Kilt Says it All

On the 7th January 2016, Scott Crighton from Coppull, Chorley took part in the Siberian Ice Marathon braving temperatures of -25 degrees with a wind chill of -33 degrees. Scott took part in the Siberian Ice Marathon, one of the Worlds coldest runs to raise vital funds for Kidneys for Life – a charity extremely close to our families hearts. Scott not only competed in the Siberian Ice Marathon he was also the first International Runner to run across the finish line and the only runner to also play the Bagpipes amd run in his traditional Scottish clothing – THE KILT!!!

Although Scott took part in the extremely cold Siberian Ice Marathon and has the tiring Manchester Marathon (10th April), the enervating Ironman (17th July) and the draining Berlin Marathon (25th Sept) to name a few, this is nothing compared to what people have to go through when they have serious Kidney conditions.

A special facebook page has numerous photographs, videos etc from his events, please look up:


Thanks from all at Kidneys for Life it support of Jack Green from Scott, Vicci and their family & friends