13 Apr 2016

Melanie & Carl

Please help us raise £10,000 for ‘Kidneys for Life’

10 years ago today my whole world changed forever ……

On the 6th April 2006 I received a lifesaving kidney transplant after spending six tough years undergoing dialysis.  The kidney was donated by my friend Joanne who in an act of pure selflessness and without even a moments hesitation offered herself as a live donor and amazingly proved to be a match.

Carrying out the transplant, supporting us and providing specialist care throughout the whole process was the amazing team of fantastic doctors, nurses and specialist staff based at Manchester Royal Infirmary Renal Transplant Unit.

As a celebration of this tenth anniversary Carl and I have challenged ourselves to raise £10,000 for the charity ‘Kidneys for Life’, we figured £10,000 for 10 years seemed very appropriate

Our challenge is to take part in a sponsored trek on the Great Wall of China organised by the charity to raise funds and awareness.  We will be undertaking the trek with other transplant patients, doctors, nurses, and support staff from MRI, including Titus Augustine, the surgeon who carried out my transplant operation 10 years ago and who is now clinical Director of Transplantation for Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Kidneys for Life is a small charity which sponsors projects supporting research and other related needs associated with transplantation and renal failure.  In the last two years the charity has given out over £250,000 in research grants as well as improving amenities for renal patients.  It’s an area where research is desperately needed and an area which is woefully underfunded.

Every donation no matter how large or small will go to a very worthy cause and one which is very dear to my heart.  I promise you that your money will make a difference, I can vouch for that.

Donating is the easy bit, just click the ‘donate now’ button and donate using a Credit / Debit Card or PayPal.

We’ll take care of the hard bit, the trekking, the aching legs and the blisters.

Thanks for all your support, we really do appreciate it.

Melanie & Carl

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