25 Apr 2014

Lorenza Casini

Lorenza Casini - Kidneys For Life patient.

Back in 2008 I suffered from an unpleasant kidney infection, which developed into some more kidney problems. Between 2008 and 2010 I was able to experience the wonderful work and care of the MRI Renal Unit, who looked after me incredibly well, sorted me out and got me back to my usual self. You don’t realise what a wonderful work doctors, nurses and medical research does until it affects you personally. So as I got better I didn’t want to forget how grateful I felt towards them. I have started cycling as my health recovered as I find it enjoyable, good for me and good for the environment! I decided to take part in the Manchester to Liverpool charity bike ride this year, nearly 40miles! The sense of pride upon completing was incredibly and I was also delighted for all the support I received for my sponsorship for Kidneys for Life

Lorenza Casini – August 2011.