25 Apr 2014

Evan Compston

Evan Compston - Kidneys For Life patient.

In July 2011, I achieved the milestone age of 60 years, which of course is the new 50! I decided that I wanted to celebrate this both with my family in Armagh, Northern Ireland and friends and relatives in Saddleworth, Oldham. My wife Hilary organised an evening meal for 19 in Northern Ireland and co-ordinated a Sunday high tea with fizz garden party for 40 at our home. The garden is not large so there was some last minute panic about being able to fit everybody in.

I have polycystic Kidney disease, as did my mother and brother and all three of us had transplants. I had mine in September 1999 at MRI. Each of us, thanks to the generosity and gift of donor families have been able to live full and positive lives. Consequently, I wanted to raise some money for “Kidneys for Life” as a small acknowledgement. I asked for donations in lieu of presents and also encouraged everyone to consider registering as a donor. We had two truly happy and successful events that also had perfect weather. With gift aid added our final total raised was £1,421.25. With the continued care of all the Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, other staff behind the scenes, Out Patient staff and Secretaries at MRI I am hoping that in 10 years time I will be able to repeat these celebrations.

Evan Compston – August 2011.