27 May 2014

Des Gardner

Des Gardner - Kidneys For Life patient. Legal expert, husband and father of 2, Des Gardner is 42 and just a tiny bit crazy. Over the years he has had 2 kidney transplants, the first in1991 when he was a student, the second one in 2004. Both operations allowed him to recommence his normal life, marrying Ali and fathering 2 lovely daughters – Grace (now 10) and Hope (now 8).

After each set-back Des bounced back and confirmed his faith in the medical teams at Manchester Royal Infirmary as well as the need to look after his transplanted organ.

As he acknowledges: “It’s given me a career and I am financially independent. It also gives you a normal life…that is the most precious thing in the world.”

For him, keeping as fit as possible was and is the only way forward. So he began to run, and run, and run. To strengthen his will-power, he decided to train for the 2010 London Marathon.

Although Des is the first to admit that he was never a natural born athlete, he tells all those who visit his web page, www.virginmoneygiving.com/DesGardner that his two transplants have given him 18 years of unbelievable health. Because of this, his reasons for running the marathon are clearly explained.

“I am running the London Marathon to show how transplants change lives and to say thank you to all my family, friends, work colleagues and the many amazing professionals at Manchester Royal Infirmary who have supported me over the years.”

Des, managed to raise an impressive £3,091.07 for Kidneys For Live – something the team here is very grateful for.