13 Apr 2016

Bob Devlin

In 2002 I went for a job interview. I got the job then had to undergo a medical where the nurse found protein and blood in my urine.

After tests this proved to be CKD.

I was dumbstruck because I thought I was ok. My world was turned upside down. My first thought was how can I cope with this and what do I do next.   My family was very supportive and the hospital was fantastic.

I’ve come to terms with my CKD and I am now a home dialysis patient, using the machine every other day for 5 hours at a time.

My wife, Jackie, encouraged me to join a rock and roll dance group and at first I was very reluctant but OMG what a life changer it turned out to be!

We go out Friday and Saturday most weeks, and even though I can’t dance to every dance the social aspect is brilliant.

So I wanted to let other patients know that even though mine and my family’s lives have changed, you can still lead a full, active life within reason and know your limitations.

Last year not only did Jackie and her sister take part in the Blackpool 10km Run to raise funds for Kidneys for Life but they also managed to get some of the Rock and Roll clubs involved too.

So a big Thank You to the Sale club: Its only Rock and Roll, Denton club: Jive time Rock and Roll, Halifax’s: Halifax Rock and Roll and the Flixton club: Crepes and Drapes. Not forgetting the DJs Franky and Dereck for their fantastic music.

Jackie and Bob Devlin