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I have decided it’s about time I did something truly challenging to raise money for charity. The charity choice is easy. Kidneys for Life. My sister suffered with Lupus from the age of 16 which attacked her kidneys , after 4 years of being on a strict diet, she had to go on dialysis, 6 hours a day 3 days a week first. After 5 years (in 1990) she was finally offered a kidney transplant they warned here that there was no guarantee her body wouldn’t reject it. Juliet being Juliet told everyone she would have just one transplant and her body would accept it, she did. She went from strength to strength and in 1991 got involved with the British transplant Olympics and in 1995 was selected to represent Team GB , competing and winning medals in Australia, Budapest, Canada and China medals,

Throughout her illnesses she has been a true inspiration holding down a full time job and getting on with life. In 2012 her kidney was well passed its expiry date putting her back on dialysis again. So my amazing little brother opts to donate one of his to her. And of course being as positive as she is this one was accepted too. Juliet continues to take life by storm

Don’t tell her but I have always been extremely proud of her!
Now it’s time I gave something back on behalf of all our family to Kidneys for life

I got into cycling in a small way, thanks to my daughter dragging me to a spin class. Luckily for me at the age of 48 I found a new sport I loved. When I was told I had arthritis in my big toes and right hip all the specialists advised me to give up my hobbies of netball and badminton, I was so disappointed ….. what about cycling I said, I was waiting almost in tears thinking they would say to give that up too. But cycling doesn’t create impact on the joints so I could do as much of that as I liked! So that was it, I started to cycle every chance I could. I didn’t want to be a Tomboy on a bike so try to have girly gear and paint my nails pink to match my pink handle bars.

I then started a little business inspiring people to get out on their bikes www.cyclebuddie.co.uk was formed a year ago and goes from strength to strength
So from my first 5 mile bike ride I have done the coast to coast, Manchester 100 k then 100miles my biggest Addax of 143 miles, in one day. So what next? What would class as a big challenge ….
How about flying to Nice, cycling 1104 miles, with 87,365ft of climbing all in 14 days, over the Alps popping in to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium and to have a go on some of the Roubaix cobbles, getting a ferry from Zeebrugge to Hull and cycling the last 114miles home says Rick!

No back up vehicle just carrying everything I need on the bike! How on earth will I pack everything in that little bag! no hair dryer I cry!

Now that is a challenge!!!!

Couple of photos of Jane as well the first one of Jayne on a training ride at the weekend, a 72 mile hilly climb with a nice piece of Victoria sandwich cake to keep her going!

If you would like to support Jane please see the link below