Professor Titus Augustine

Titus Augustine

Titus joined the MRI  transplant unit as a  registrar in 1996 and was appointed as Consultant in 1999 after a year at St. James’s in Leeds. After appointment he  led the revival and development of the pancreas transplant programme in Manchester following  short sabbatical to the University of Minnesota. In 2002 he  introduced laparoscopic hand assisted donor nephrectomy and has mentored several consultant colleagues in the procedure. The department has now done over 1000 laparoscopic donors to date. He has also contributed to developing the Manchester transplant unit as a national and international referral service for the surgical management of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. Alongside his clinical work he has been Member of the United Kingdom Pancreas Task Force, Deputy Chair of the UK Pancreas Advisory Group, British Transplantation Society Training Committee member and  member of the BTS Ethics Committee.  He was the Clinical Director of the Manchester Transplant Unit for nine years till 2019 and was appointed a Manchester Academic Health Sciences Honorary Professor of Transplantation in 2018. Titus is currently a Clinical Director of Governance at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He has several research interests  including the use of Digital Data in Transplantation and the effect of the Microbiome in Transplantation, both of which are PhD theses and to which Kidneys for Life has provided grant funding.

He is a trustee and an avid supporter of KFL.

In 2016 Titus took part in the KFL fundraising trek to the Great Wall of China.

‘I took part in this trek along with my wife and daughter and several KFL supporters. It was the experience of a lifetime. In addition to the overall experience and the grandeur of the Great Wall, the experience was even more poignant due the friendships and bonds made with the other trekkers and fundraisers, which remain to this day.’