Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge 2021

One of our most enchanting rides, the Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Ride will have you exploring the sights of cities, royal palaces, dazzling green paddy fields and temples as you make your way across two magical countries, taking in the wealth of experience each has to offer.

From the bustling Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh, past the temples of the Mekong Delta onward to the serene Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat, this route is full of charm and the perfect challenge for any adventurer!

Originally built from 879 – 1191 AD, Angkor Wat is considered an architectural marvel from the Khmer civilisation, and as a UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the largest religious monuments in the world. Spanning 203 acres, it encapsulates a complicated pattern of temples, three triangular main sections and a moat.

The Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Ride is something you’ll never forget! A journey through two amazing countries, breath-taking views, floating markets, palaces and of course, Angkor Wat – it will leave you wanting to do it again!

Registration Fee: £399 Non-Refundable (which can be made in full or two payments of £150 & £249)
Minimum Sponsorship: £3,800